Garden trellis as a way to fence

Garden trellis is a rather inconspicuous item that gives many opportunities for its use. First of all, it is an excellent material for garden fencing. A garden is a space where the time spent should be idyllic, so it is important to ensure a high level of intimacy and to fence off from the eyes of outsiders. It is also an excellent base for creating a hedge, because the trellis can provide support for climbing plants, which will quickly grow over the structure, creating a natural fence.

How to use the garden trellis?

In addition to the fence of the entire garden, the garden trellis can be used as a designation of individual spaces. Thanks to them, you can separate the seating area from, for example, a vegetable garden or a children's playground. It is also an excellent element to hide a fragment of the garden in which there is a laundry dryer, so that drying clothes do not affect the effects of the garden arrangement. Such a function can be combined with the use of trellis as a support for climbing plants, which will additionally be an effective decoration of the garden. As a support for creepers, it can be used really everywhere, the lattices look great braided with flowers and leaning against the walls of buildings.

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